The era in which selling products
was the sole purpose of a company has ended.


Asahi Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Asahi Chemicals Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Address 2-10-23, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku, Osaka City

President Jun Sakurai
Established  March 1957
Capital 7,260 million yen
Business Overview Seal-Related Products, Piping and Valves, Pumps and Blowers, Filtration and Separation Devices, Resin and Rubber Processing, Metalworking, Environmental Conservation Equipment
Number of Employees Approximately 70
History 1957 Established Asahi Chemicals Co., Ltd. for the purpose of selling industrial gaskets and 
        metal filters
1963 Established Tokyo Office
1964 Established Kakogawa Office in Kakogawa City
1969 Moved Osaka headquarters to Nishi Ward (current address)
1984 Established Kyushu Local Office (currently Kyushu Office) in Saga City, Saga Prefecture
1987 Established Chigasaki Local Office (currently Kanto Office) in Chigasaki City
1988 Established Kagoshima Local Office (currently Kagoshima Office) in Kagoshima City
1991 Increased capital to 72.6 million yen
1998 Established Shanghai Office
1998 Granted ISO9OO1 certification
1999 Established Nikka Office
2002 Established Asahi Chemicals Group
        Invested in Orion Co., Ltd. and CORONIS.
        Established Asahi Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2005 Granted ISO14001 certification
2007 Jun Sakurai appointed president
2008 Granted Ordinary Construction License
2017 Nikka Office Changed  name to Yokkaichi Office

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